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LICNotes Events:

    • Monday, January 24th 2011
    J Walter Hawkes Residency

    J Walter Hawkes residency at LIC Bar featuring JWH Trio and special guests The Jacob Varmus Group!

    • Location: LIC Bar
    • Time: 8-11pm
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 786-5400

    • Tuesday, January 25th 2011
    Steve Blanco Trio

    Catch Steve Blanco Trio Tues and Fri nights at Domaine Wine Bar!

    • Location: Domaine Wine Bar
    • Time: 9-midnight
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 784 2350

    • Tuesday, January 25th 2011
    Steve Blanco Trio

    Catch Steve Blanco Trio Tues and Fri nights at Domaine Wine Bar!

    • Location: Domaine Wine Bar
    • Time: 9-midnight
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 784 2350

    • Wednesday, January 26th 2011
    The Hand Band, Dave Diamond, Jason Crosby

    The Hand Band at 8pm, Dave Diamond at 9pm, Jason Crosby at 10pm live at LIC Bar!

    • Location: LIC Bar
    • Time: 8-11pm
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 786-5400

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Thursday, 09 September 2010 15:05

Summer memories: photos from Astoria Music Now!

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Summer is over, and way too fast!

Here's some Summer memories from Astoria Music & Arts' 3rd annual Astoria Music Now! festival in Astoria Park, shot by Audrey Dimola.


Hops & Drew P
The Jamies
DJ 2melo & Cumba Mela
Mainline Gypsy
Mathew Snow & The Way It Was
Lancaster County Prison

Videos coming soon!

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010

Astoria Music Now! 2010


Check out our full set of hi-res photos on Flickr!

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Thursday, 09 September 2010 14:08

Mission: On Mars at Live at the Gantries


Long Island City, to me, is an outpost town, a town somewhere at the edge of an island, not quite Queens, not quite Brooklyn. The sunset only can be seen between the grid streets of Manhattan like a landscape of window blinds. Yes, it’s only fitting a band called Mission: On Mars plays at the edge of the universe, or at least as it may be known to some of the nearby residents. Okay, that last part was forced writing and cheese but seriously, to many of the attendees who came out for Mission: On Mars at the Gantries, the faces – curious of the live music playing in their backyard – may have led to the band’s uninspiring set. The band may as well had been from Mars.


Mission: On Mars sounded technically good. Vocalist Kristen Hoffman sang with a tinge of Indian flavor while Neel Murgai’s throat singing added another layer to their blend of East meets West music. The band’s broad influences combine jazz, rock, funk, and Indian folk music, and was a hit among the children, who danced along with a belly dancer; imitating her movements as she flitted across the floor.


But the band played without heart and thus became boring. I had seen the band play before. It was last year at a music festival in Queens. I remember really liking them, their energy, their mojo, that hypnotic gesture they made with their instruments, and the way they made my head swirl with ‘60s decadent exuberance. At Live at the Gantries it was different but the band’s set shouldn’t have been surprising – most especially since the audience consisted of children, parents, and curious baby boomers.


If anything the show did, however, showcase the Gantries, and Long Island City for that matter, as a location for live music if the right people continue to sow these seeds.


Carlos Detres is an author and DJ, founder of multimedia online magazine, The Whiskey Dregs.


First and last photos by Carlos Detres; all other photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


Mission: on mars, Live at The Gantries by Renzo Ortega from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 15:24

Andy Statman at Live at the Gantries


There is nothing like watching a seasoned musician at his prime playing the music he loves. Such was the case at Live at the Gantries when we went to catch Andy Statman, one of this generation’s most acclaimed clarinet and mandolin players. We seem to be perpetually blessed with stellar weather and an even better crowd every time we head to see a live act at the Park and that night was no exception. Every New Yorker needs an excuse to celebrate on a hot Tuesday summer night and this is the perfect place to do it. Joyous, lyrical and vibrant, Andy’s music is equally transporting. As he began the first few tunes of his set, the words “Jewish Soul” came to mind – I heard the sensual strains of Greek and Mediterranean music, the rhythmic quarter notes of Middle Eastern tunes, and the mellifluous tones of classic jazz.


From their tune "Uman," a melody with a lively Israeli feel, to the ebullient "Anim Zemiros,” The Andy Statman trio are as diverse as the Queens music scene itself. In what has become a thriving Jazz community in Long Island City, Andy Statman is the jewel in its crown, combining the avant garde melodies of his beloved clarinet with down home bluegrass and the traditional Hasidic folk songs that were so much a part of his childhood. Born and raised in my adopted home of Jackson Heights, Andy is one of the most humble and most sought-after musicians on the NYC music scene. Clearly proud of his roots, Andy announced to loud cheers that he was born in Queens – little did some of the little kids running around realize that their parents had brought them to see a legend.


A Grammy-award nominated artist, Andy has played with such luminaries as Bela Fleck, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and Itzhak Perlman but watching him play for a hometown crowd was a rare joy. Accompanied by bassist Jim Whitney and percussionist Larry Eagle, who adds some wicked bongos to the mix, Andy’s music defies category. There’s an exotic, soulful Middle Eastern feel to his music that reminded me of some of Rachid Taha’s early tunes mixed with the vivid beats of 1920s Jewish dance tunes and traditional bluegrass. Like Bela Fleck, Andy seems to draw from every kind of American music tinged with world music, synthesizing all forms and making them his own. One of the innovators of a new form of “roots music,” he has now helped to transform the genre. Only a finely tuned ear and rare talent can envision how such diverse forms of music can co-exist in such a beautiful way. Luckily, one of those artists plays right in our own neighborhood.


Gina Sigillito is a writer and published author who promotes local bands and writes about music in the NYC area.


All photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.





ANDY STATMAN Live at the Gantries from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 05 August 2010 15:18

Mundo Clave at Live at the Gantries


I had never been to a show at the little gem on the water in Long Island City known as The Gantries, and I was excited to see it for the first time. I was racing to get to the venue in time for Mundo Clave, Queens' unique, soulful Latin jazz ensemble. With my Blackberry pressed to my ear, I was running down 50th Street in heels, talking to my friend Joe and rehashing the freak-out day we were both having. Once I reached the park perched on the edge of the East River it all changed. A little salsa, a little percussion and couples dancing with the beautiful New York City skyline in the background and the day managed to wash away.


"If you wanna get up and dance please don't be shy," bassist Fernando Benardos quipped as the band launched into their sexy, groove-laden, jazz-infused salsa tunes like "Sabor" and "Killer Joe." 


The crowd of more than one hundred was anything but shy. Despite the 90-degree heat, there was a businessman in a suit and tie doing a wicked merengue with his partner, young couples kicking back and grooving to the music, and even children dancing, ice cream in hand.


An eight-piece group of incredibly gifted Queens based musicians, Mundo Clave combines the best improvisation of classic jazz with the spice and passion of modern salsa and the heavy-bottomed bass of 70s funk. Their tunes infuse the infectious rhythms and percussion of early Santana and Tito Puente with the melodic style of Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.


The Mundo Clave experience reminded me of my childhood days when my parents took me to see some of the local St. Louis jazz musicians who combined a timeless swing sound with bluesy vibes. As the band moved effortlessly from Salsa to Jazz and bass-laden grooves, they showed an incredible versatility. With a lilting Vibraphone, played masterfully by Dan Sieber, lively maracas, and sensual sax, Mundo Clave adds spicy variety to their music.


With Daniel Arboleda on tenor sax/flute, a phenomenal player who channels a little Grover Washington Jr., Mundo Clave launched into a few Miles Davis tunes, their way, spiced with Latin flair and complete with Timbales, blistering bongos and mighty drums. The man sitting next to us was so into the music that he was tapping along in tune with a drumstick and cowbell. By the time the band played an inspired cover of a Cha-cha tune by Poncho Sanchez, much of the crowd was up and dancing.


Mundo Clave's old style jazz combined with their hypnotic and sexy Latin rhythm is sure to garner a whole generation of fans. In a time when the term "Jazz fusion" is used far too often, these musicians are the real deal, taking the form back to its original mellifluous sound and spicing it up with a sultry Afro-Cuban style all their own.


Gina Sigillito is a writer and published author who promotes local bands and writes about music in the NYC area.


All photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


MUNDO CLAVE Live at the Gantries by Renzo Ortega from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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The Lascivious Biddies play LIC Bar this Sunday


Summer marches on! Here's some cool events happening in the hood this weekend!




DOMAINE WINE BAR 9pm-midnight


LIC BAR 9pm-2am
New Wave Edition Featuring DJs BlaqJeff (Jeff Miller) and CHANGOCHAN (CJ Sanchez)




agnès b. presents:
Klement / Contre Coeur, France (live)
Acid Washed / Record Makers, France (live)
Veronica Vasicka / Minimal Wave, New York (DJ set)
Gatekeeper / Brooklyn (live)


LIC Bar 9pm-2am
DJ ANTHONY CHICO's PS1 afterparty




featuring live music by
Music starts at 6pm




LIC BAR 8-11pm

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Friday, 09 July 2010 14:47

Jia-Yi He at Live at the Gantries


Record high temperatures did little to deter locals from gathering to hear harmonica virtuoso Jia-Yi He on the sun-soaked steps of Gantry Park for last Tuesday's Live at the Gantries. Accompanied by his daughter Jenny He on piano, Mr. He delivered an eclectic set of hits from classical, jazz, and pop music as well as traditional Chinese folk songs. Mr. He showed off the fascinating range of sounds a harmonica can achieve in tunes ranging from the Beatles’ “Love Me Do” to a dizzying rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebees.”



Mr. He and his daughter were visibly enthusiastic about the music, bopping their heads along with the beat of a polka. The crowd was just as enthralled, and the father-daughter duo was buoyed along by the many tanned children dancing energetically throughout the performance.


Mr. He charmed the audience with his large arsenal of harmonicas, most notably the “world’s smallest harmonica.” He stuck this tiny instrument inside his mouth to produce a kazoo-like version of “Happy Birthday.” But the crowd was really wowed by the musician’s quirky talent for playing four harmonicas at once by gripping a stack of harmonicas like a Dagwood sandwich. This feat has already earned Mr. He an appearance on TV’s “America’s Got Talent.”





Mr. He continued his display of great showmanship with his next song, which he performed by cycling through 11 harmonicas, each in a different key. Mr. He ended the night with a rendition of the languid tune of “Rhapsody in Blue,” as the sun eased down behind the Manhattan skyline.



Come out on Tuesday, July 13 at 7:00 PM for D.B. Reilly live at the Gantries!


Alice Xie is an LIC resident who pays local taxes and enjoys patronizing events in the neighborhood.

Top photo by Alice Xie.

All other photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


Jia-Yi He live at the Gantries by Renzo Ortega, from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 07 July 2010 10:19

Pass Kontrol at Live at the Gantries

It was a nail-biter – but after the first two acts of LIC's Live at the Gantries were rescheduled due to rain, Brooklyn/Queens borderline rockers Pass Kontrol made the third time the charm and kicked off the annual Summer music series under clear skies.

The band played upwards of ten songs in Gantry Park last Tuesday, gliding into atmospheric instrumentals or rushing into fuller, more uptempo numbers with the frenetic charge of old school, stripped-down rock and roll. Some tracks were peppered with lyrics sung in a warm and effortlessly bluesy tone, while others were completely wordless, ringing out through the Gantries and floating off into the night. Either way, the glowing undertone to their music is a certain spirit of joy, which is why Pass Kontrol were a great choice for Long Island City's most glorious venue. They were versatile and gracious, filled the huge and scenic space with their expansive sound, and seemed genuinely enthused about what attendees know to be a Gantries signature: cheeky little kids who love to dance! At one point, the band even echoed a little boy racing around in front of them and called a "time out!" on their music, grinning and pausing until they received his signal to resume.

The children were part of a Live at the Gantries crowd that was, as always, all ages and relatively diverse – comprised of friends and fans, mellow bystanders, folks sitting at tables, dog-walking couples pausing to watch, and photographers snapping away. The audience filled out even more as the band's set went on, and it's no surprise – on a gorgeous Summer evening, Gantry Park is incomparable, especially when it comes to seeing live music.

Pass Kontrol lent themselves particularly well to the setting with their mix of rollicking rock, jangling guitars, driving beats, and shimmering electronics, all with a standout, easy-to-listen-to voice that melded perfectly with their sound. Their singer/guitarist and drummer also traded places in a humorously dubbed "dirty switcheroo" for some loose, punchier songs at certain points in their set. In a serendipitous way, Pass Kontrol's sound also seemed to invoke the many phases and feelings of the Summertime – laid-back and dreamy, nostalgic and bittersweet, boisterous and free – especially when soaked up in the golden light of LIC's picturesque waterfront. By the time the sun had nearly set, it was clear that the band originally intended to be Live at the Gantries' third act had ended up as its extremely fitting opener.

Welcome to Live at the Gantries!

Audrey Dimola is a born and raised Astoria/Long Island City gal. Best known around town for her work as Managing Editor of LIC-based arts/music/culture magazine, Ins&Outs, Audrey is now Project Manager of Dom & Tom, Inc., a NYC web and mobile development studio.

All photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


Pass Kontrol Live at the Gantries by Renzo Ortega, from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

Published in Vox Populi


LICNotes interviews Justin Finley, founder of local organization Astoria Music & Arts (AM&A), to discuss the journey to their 3rd annual Astoria Music Now! music and arts festival in Astoria Park, and what's in store for the neighborhood on July 24th.


Shot & interviewed by Tom Tancredi; edited by Dominick Dimola.


LICNotes Interview: Justin Finley of Astoria Music & Arts from LIC Notes on Vimeo.


Astoria Music Now! rocks & rolls Astoria Park from 11am-9pm on 7/24. Check out the lineup!


Triboro Stage

12.00 Tibetan Punks
12.30 Digamy
1.15 The Little Creatures
2.00 RatTrap Bumpkin
2.45 The Missing Teens
3.30 Bliminal
4.15 The Jamies
5.00 Schaffer & the Darklords
6.00 Thunderbang!
7.00 Consider the Source

HellGate Stage

12.00 Devesh Chandra Duo
12.30 Ekra
1.15 Quickfinger
2.00 sweet magma
2.45 The Headlocks
3.30 Hops
4.15 Illimanjaro
5.00 Lancaster County Prison
6.00 Mainline Gypsy
7.00 Kraut

Memorial Stage

12.00 Sam and Friends
12.30 Walking Upright
1.15 The Nico Blues
2.00 Erin and Her Cello
3.15 Noshir Mody
4.00 The Botz
4.45 Zion Judah
5.45 Blue Dog
6.45 Matthew Snow and the Way it Was


Keep up with AM&A on Facebook and Twitter!

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 11:11

2010 PS 1 Warm Up lineup announced!

You heard right! The 2010 MoMA PS 1 Warm Up schedule has been announced, and this year's set kicks off THIS SATURDAY! Opening July 3, Warm Up 2010 will be held for ten consecutive weeks, each Saturday through September 4, from 2pm to 9pm at MoMA PS 1 in Long Island City. Genres range from hip hop to R&B, disco to soul, indie pop to experimental orchestration, and electronic to New Orleans street music (!).

From the MoMA PS 1 news page:

Taking the stage for ten consecutive Saturdays over the summer, Warm Up 2010 will highlight performances by a diverse group of musical artists, including Barcelona-based Delorean, whose sound fuses their native Spanish Balearic beat with Mediterranean influences and sunny indie rock; Swedish electronic pop duo Air France, in their first-ever performance in the U.S.; ?uestlove, Animal Collective, and Ratatat spinning live DJ sets; and gender-bending urban musicians Big Freedia and DJ Rusty Lazer, hailing from the New Orleans Sissy Bounce street music scene, giving live performances. In the spirit of the current exhibition Greater New York, Warm Up 2010 will also engage the city as specific site, by incorporating New York's downtown avant-garde with Peter Gordon's Love of Life Orchestra and a live performance given by Peter Zummo of his legendary album, Zummo with an X.

Here's the 2010 Warm Up Schedule:

July 3rd
Delorean / True Panther Sounds, Barcelona, Spain (live)
Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang / Sierra Leone/Brooklyn (live)
Glasser / True Panther Sounds, Los Angeles/New York (live)
John Talabot / Permanent Vacation/Hivern, Barcelona, Spain (DJ set)
Korallreven / Acéphale Records, Sweden (DJ set)

July 10th
agnès b. presents:
Klement / Contre Coeur, France (live)
Acid Washed / Record Makers, France (live)
Veronica Vasika / Minimal Wave, New York (DJ set)

July 17th
Air France / Something In Construction/Sincerely Yours, Gothenburg, Sweden (DJ set)
Ratatat / XL Recordings, New York (DJ set)
ARP / Smalltown Supersound/RVNG Intl, USA (live)

July 24th
MoMA PS1 Greater New York presents:
JD Samson / New York (DJ set)
MEN / Brooklyn (live)
Kalup Linzy / Brooklyn (R&B, Soul, Disco DJ set)
Kalup Linzy and the Sweet, Sampled, and LeftOva / Brooklyn (live performance set)
DJ /rupture / Dutty Artz, Brooklyn (DJ set)
With surprise guests!

July 31st
Animal Collective / Domino (DJ set)
Blondes / Merok/RVNG Intl (live)
Oneohtrix Point Never / No Fun/Editions Mego, Brooklyn (live)
CFCF / Acéphale Records, Montreal (DJ set)
Babe Rainbow / Warp Records, Vancouver (live DJ set)
Prince Rama / Paw Tracks, Brooklyn (live)

August 7th
Gavin Russom / DFA Records, New York (DJ set)
Alden Tyrell / Clone Records, NL (live)
The Crystal Ark / DFA Records, New York (live)
Special Disco Version feat. James Murphy & Pat Mahoney / DFA Records, New York (DJ set)

August 14th
?uestlove (DJ set)
These Are Powers / RVNG Intl/ Dead Oceans, New York (live)
Treasure Fingers / Fools Gold, Brooklyn (DJ set)
Kingdom / Fools Gold/Night Slugs, Brooklyn, New York (DJ set)

August 21st
Peter Zummo Ensemble / New York (live)
Glissandro 70 / Constellation, Toronto, Canada (DJ set)
Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra / DFA Records, New York (live)
Tim Sweeney / Beats In Space, New York (DJ set)

August 28th
Big Freedia / New Orleans Sissy Bounce, New Orleans (live)
DJ Rusty Lazer / New Orleans (DJ set)
DJ Rashad / Juke Trax/Movel Trax/Ghettophiles, Chicago (DJ set)
GHE20 GOTHIK DJs Venus X and Brenmar / Brooklyn, New York (DJ set)

September 4th
Holy Ghost! / DFA Records, New York (live)
House of House / Whatever We Want, New York (DJ set)
DJ Mehdi / Ed Banger Records (DJ set)
Plus Special Guests TBA

For more detailed info on the lineup, admission, and directions, check the MoMA PS 1 website. See you on the dance floor!
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Thursday, 24 June 2010 12:09

Waiting for the Warm Ups


Okay, so we know who was selected from MoMA PS 1's Young Architects Program (YAP) to design the outdoor courtyard this year (SO-IL's 'Pole Dance'!) but... Who's performing at the Warm Ups?!

Just in case you didn't know, Warm Ups are PS 1's now-legendary Summer dance parties that take place in their outdoor courtyard, redesigned in the style of a new YAP winner each year. LIC residents get in FREE, and festivities usually kick off around the 4th of July and last all Summer into early September. This year, we've got a July 3rd kickoff date, and are eagerly awaiting the entertainment lineup. DJs, live bands, and lots of DANCING in a one of a kind, artsy setting – what more could you ask for on a Summer Saturday?

Keep a lookout for announcements – we'll post them here!

Are YOU looking forward to the Warm Ups? Have any favorite performances from Summers past?

Let us know!


More info:

"Warm Up is MoMAPS1's critically acclaimed music series and has become one NYC's most anticipated summer events. The series is housed within the architectural installation created by the winner of the annual MoMAPS1 and MoMA organized Young Architects Program. Together, the music, architecture and exhibition program provide a unique multi-sensory experience for music fans, artists, and families alike.

Highlights from the series include a stellar group of international DJs and live music ensembles: LCD Soundsystem, DJ Harvey, Groove Collective, Lovebug Starski, Afrika Bambaataa, Prins Thomas & Hans-Peter Lindstrom, Mad Professor, Richie Hawtin, Danny Krivit, Trevor Jackson, Francois K, DJ Craze, Charlie Dark, Vikter Duplaix, Fischerspooner, Frederic Galliano, Kid Koala, Arto Lindsay, The Scissor Sisters, Ursula Rucker, Derrick May, Swayzak, Luke Vibert, XPress 2, Danny Wang, and many more."

MoMAPS1 Warm Ups


* Photo: 'Pole Dance' rendering courtesy ArchDaily

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