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LICNotes Events:

    • Monday, January 24th 2011
    J Walter Hawkes Residency

    J Walter Hawkes residency at LIC Bar featuring JWH Trio and special guests The Jacob Varmus Group!

    • Location: LIC Bar
    • Time: 8-11pm
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 786-5400

    • Tuesday, January 25th 2011
    Steve Blanco Trio

    Catch Steve Blanco Trio Tues and Fri nights at Domaine Wine Bar!

    • Location: Domaine Wine Bar
    • Time: 9-midnight
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 784 2350

    • Tuesday, January 25th 2011
    Steve Blanco Trio

    Catch Steve Blanco Trio Tues and Fri nights at Domaine Wine Bar!

    • Location: Domaine Wine Bar
    • Time: 9-midnight
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 784 2350

    • Wednesday, January 26th 2011
    The Hand Band, Dave Diamond, Jason Crosby

    The Hand Band at 8pm, Dave Diamond at 9pm, Jason Crosby at 10pm live at LIC Bar!

    • Location: LIC Bar
    • Time: 8-11pm
    • Tickets: No Cover
    • Contact: 718 786-5400

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Liz Nieves is an Astoria-based photographer and music enthusiast. She recently launched a photoblog of her work called glitter unicorn and shared some of her fantastic local music photos (and the stories behind them) with LICNotes!



Where are you based in Queens? If you're not from here, where are you from and when did you come to the neighborhood?
I have lived in Astoria for ten years. I grew up all over NY (Bronx, Long Island and upstate near Ithaca).


What is your involvement/investment in local music?
I spent some time volunteering for Astoria Music and Arts this year and sometimes I curate art/music shows.



How would you characterize the scene you photograph?
Colorful, unpretentious, and unformed.


Can you tell us about some of the bands/musicians you've taken pictures of?
It's a very random group of people and the thing that seems to tie them together is a passion for their music.



Can you tell us about some of the best shows you've seen in the neighborhood?
This is really hard. I have seen Little Creatures pack out the Quays while everyone sang along, or Illimanjaro play a house party that had everyone dancing for hours. Bad Buka is amazing... I can't wait for their CD to come out. Hearing Bernadette sing with Mainline Gypsy gives me goosebumps everytime, or hearing Freedomhead rock out is like watching another reincarnation of rock and roll. James Call's songs have a way of becoming catch phrases you can't stop singing – I could go on and on. But bands that I would go see? All that I have named so far plus: The Jamies, Rattrap Bumpkin, Hops, Mathew Snow, Shaeffer and the Darklords, Silbin Sandoval, Thunderbang! (I'm sure I'm missing someone)


What are your favorite places to see shows in Astoria/LIC?
The Quays for true grit. The Astoria Brewhouse and LIC Bar are close behind.



What inspires you – in terms of photography, and in general?
Inclement weather and I try to capture fleeting moments of unique personalities to reveal underlying truths (or so I have been told).


What local photo exhibitions have you been a part of, and are there more in the works?
I will be having my first solo exhibit in January – I have displayed one piece for a fundraiser hosted by Stomp and Howl last year.



Can you tell us more about Astoria's Hell Gate Social and its place in the scene for music and photography alike?
Hell Gate (George Rallis) has done alot to contribute to the local art and music scene. It's the closest thing to an art gallery in Astoria and the variety of art that has been exhibited so far is quite amazing. No matter what the musicians think of the sound at Hell Gate, at some point every band and DJ that lives locally has performed there. The bar has been extremely supportive to every aspect of the arts in Astoria.


When it comes to music in Queens, we've all heard the detractors, the doubters, the unfortunately misinformed... Why is the Astoria/LIC music scene YOUR home and why is this the place you spend time and take pictures?
I am a third generation New Yorker who really loves my neighborhood. The common artistic thread that runs through LIC/Astoria makes it very easy to be social and have something to do or even have something going on. Every project that I have been a part of has only been met with support. For those that live here and have not experienced that because they only feel validated by what is going on in Manhattan or any currently hip neighborhood, you are missing out.



Thanks to Liz for sharing her work with us – check out her photoblog for music photography and much more!


Audrey Dimola is a born and raised Astoria/Long Island City gal. Best known around town for her work as Managing Editor of LIC-based arts/music/culture magazine, Ins&Outs, Audrey is now Project Manager of Dom & Tom, Inc., a NYC web and mobile development studio.

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The LIC Barn Dance is a brand new monthly Americana music series at LIC Bar that kicks off on Monday, November 8th (RSVP on Facebook here)! We got the low-down on this unconventional hoedown from one of the series' creators, "Notorious" Liz Cousins. Check it out!


Who came up with the idea for the LIC Barn Dance?
My husband Daniel (aka The Invisible Kid) and I were out at a Silbin Sandovar show a few weeks ago and were riffing on some ideas, and he threw out the words Long Island City Barn Dance, which I wrote on a napkin and stuffed in my bag. From there it was chatting with Gus [Rodriguez, LIC Bar's booker and event producer] and making it happen.


Why LIC?
Simply? LIC is still an undiscovered neighborhood. Folks'll go one stop into Brooklyn for Williamsburg, or a lot more than that for Park Slope, but they think Queens is FAR. LIC is ONE stop into Queens from midtown! It's also a neighborhood of some AMAZING musicians and people. I want folks to recognize! And, I'd rather support MY neighborhood and it's proprietors.


What is the LIC Barn Dance all about?
LIC Barn Dance was developed to showcase the great Americana acts throughout LIC/Astoria proper as well as the City at large. This could be anything from bluegrass, country, western swing, Bakersfield, two-step, zydeco, rockabilly, ragtime to the more modern takes of NewGrass and Alt-country. It's about GREAT music, GREAT performances and giving people a GREAT reason to come back: fun. Music has gotten so dang serious, we aim to bring the fun back to a night out.


Why were DB Rielly, Rick Snell & The Whistlin' Wolves chosen for the inaugural show?
Gus had already booked DB Rielly and as DB is one of my favorite musicians and humans, he was a lock. He always does a seriously GREAT show and knows how to make the audience have fun (there's that word again). Rick Snell came in via Gus as well and knows a thing or two about most of the styles I listed above. He's a pro, and we're glad to have him on board. And The Whistlin' Wolves? I saw then the same night we came up with the Barn Dance idea and they absolutely blew me away. Really high-energy, tight show, and, dare I say...fun. So I HAD to get them on the bill.


What can music fans expect from future events in this series?
My main objective is to give folks a truly memorable night out with some amazing music. The future? I could say they have to come on out to keep it all elusive-like, but I'm hoping for things like a Bluegrass/Newgrass Festival, a Rockabilly night, a Mardi Gras zydeco/Swampfest, Banjopalooza (banjo being my favorite instrument, which I play VERY terribly)...just about anything under the Americana/Roots umbrella.


When can we catch the LIC Barn Dance?
We're looking at once a month, keeping it alive is up to YOU dear reader. Check in with us on Facebook or at www.licbarndance.com.


What is your particular investment/involvement in LIC?
I have lived in Astoria-LIC for 8 years now and have watched it grow and want the rest of the City to finally "get it". Queens isn't just Beer Gardens, cemeteries and airports! I also promote self-released bands/musicians to radio and feel a lot of GREAT music gets overlooked just because it's not signed with a huge payola machine behind it. Starting the LIC Barn Dance lines up perfectly with both of my "missions". And we hope you'll come along and join us. And because I've seen several posts on the topic, dancing IS optional.



The Inaugural LIC Barn Dance!
Monday, November 8th @ 8pm
LIC Bar: 45-58 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City
with DB Rielly, Rick Snell & The Whistlin' Wolves


Audrey Dimola is a born and raised Astoria/Long Island City gal. Best known around town for her work as Managing Editor of LIC-based arts/music/culture magazine, Ins&Outs, Audrey is now Project Manager of Dom & Tom, Inc., a NYC web and mobile development studio.

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Friday, 29 October 2010 10:42

Postmodern World

I don’t think I’m down with the global warming thing. This new autumn weather – sultry/cold rain/humid/chill breeze – sucks. So New York is the new Austin; I almost turned on the a/c today, and it’s time to write the November rent check. But if this were really Austin, the rent would be lower.


In a spasm of quasi-political action, I refrained from flipping the switch and went food shopping using canvas bags. Having ditched my ’89 Honda Accord LX for a purple Fuji Absolute 12-speed, I’m now feeling virtuous but, well, a bit bland.


You know the temporary yet effective solution to that: I turned to sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. I’ve hoisted more than my fair share of Radeberger* this past month, and even got to meet the Radeberger Girls. One of them bought me a beer – I think she fancies me a bit!


Oh right, you’re here for the music. October’s de-blanding has mixed Brazilian surf riffs, sax-playing around Japanese swing, and Croatian dance-party rock. On one LIC Bar evening, João Erbetta and his band spin out high-energy surf tunes with a Portuguese accent. My usual problem with much Brazilian music comes from its being too pastel and languid (yes, it’s my problem); I’m happy to listen to surf music anytime, and believe I hear complications under the fun. Erbetta neatly reverses those tropes. His playing is fluid, exciting, precisely shaped, and quite engaging, so much so that I don’t really want to look under the hood to see how it all runs. I’ve heard him play in other contexts, and know he’s not just technically a savvy guitarist, but a musician who blends his personality with many genrés. Sadly, the bar was not so crowded when Erbetta played. He deserves a wider audience; while pretty well known on the scene, that and $104 will get you to your day job on the 7 train next month.


We’ve chatted about DB Rielly before, but that’s not going to stop me here. DB’s band followed Erbetta’s, and the party mood continued. For me, this show pivoted around the playing of the estimable Hiro Suzuki, lead guitar player in the group. Suzuki favored swing-era tunes which, by virtue of his actually being able to swing, set up a great dance mood. DB added counterpoint via his bluesy sax playing. Even some folks who’ve followed him for years realized he even played sax – turns out it was his first instrument, who knew? – and the contrast in sound lent depth to what can be a surface-y genrè. The two also collaborated beautifully on some covers of singer/songwriter tunes, like John Hiatt’s "Feels Like Rain," managing the transitions in mood gracefully without damping the party spirit.


By time The Dynasty took the stage, the party mood had swung to raucous. Don’t look for The Dynasty on iTunes; this was a one-off group, essentially Chris and Diana from Bad Buka, playing as part of Diana’s sister Carla’s birthday celebration (not saying which one, but “Lather” would know). And celebrate is what Bad Buka do best. I can’t say I remember much particularly that went on, other than someone shouting to the crowd, “Shut up and sing!” Everyone sang, everyone danced, it didn’t matter if you knew Croatian songs or dances; soon everyone felt like part of Carla’s family and the celebration. As the full band is playing a Hallowe’en party, I’ll try to get a more fair assessment then. Like, it’ll be easier on Hallowe’en?


The evening closed with Julie Kathryn, a local singer/songwriter. That transition, closing after a rowdy crowd-pleaser, is less than easy, as I’ve noted previously. It does help the neighbors get some sleep, but the previous music had opened me up so much that I found it hard to calibrate Kathryn’s stuff. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy her; I did. And when she said, “I’ve never played my guitar this hard, it’s out of tune!” I though, God on ya, lass! I’ll bring positive expectations to her next gig.


In a final twitch of political activism, I’ll be voting before filing that next report. You know that we middle-aged, upper-middle-class white guys ALWAYS vote. (That’s why they call us The Man, right?) Not saying I won’t vote the straight The Rent Is Too Damn High party ticket, of course. Especially if I’m tempted to turn on the a/c again.


*Bloggers are enjoined by some federal rule to reveal every product bought for them in the course of covering their beat. I’m compiling a disclosure document that will enumerate the Pilsner, Coteaux de Languedoc, small-batch bourbon, single-malt Scotch, self-produced cd’s, brownies, Hawai’ian skunkweed spliffs, and mutual avowals of sexual desire involved; it will be available for you right around the time I complete my 2008 NYS corporate tax return.


The Silver Shark is always moving, just under the surface of the LIC scene. He comes up suddenly to snap up some wine and music, and perhaps bare his teeth at nearby lovely mermaids – though he generally doesn't bite. You can catch an occasional glimpse of him at your favorite LIC venue, and regularly here at his blog.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010 17:05

LICNotes' HALLOWEEKEND Music Round-up!

Live music for the undead!


Fearless music lovers and Monster Mashers: make sure you have your Halloween costume picked out. The Queens neighborhood music scene has a virtual graveyard full of options for hellraisin' Halloween parties!

We've asked our resident Halloween expert The Dollar Store Demon to give us his two cents worth and he has summoned the hounds of hell to bring you his picks for this weekend.




*"Did you hear that? Was it the howl of the banshee? Steady your nerves! Hold on tight to your pint glass as you scream for your life as The Jamies, Illimanjaro, The Concentrics plus The Suspicious Packages stir up a bloodbath of heavy rock."


The Shillelagh Tavern
4722 30th Ave
Astoria, NY


*"Wait! It doesn't end there! If you were lucky enough to survive the rock assault of The Jamies, stagger over to the oh-so-appropriately named HELL GATE SOCIAL where burlesque monster brides will seduce foolish mortals into turning into love slaves for the rockabilly stylings of AM PREACHER!
The Dollar Store Demon also nods with devilish approval at the very reasonable $5 cover.
Not bad for half naked she-devils gyrating to live rock n roll!"


Hell Gate Social
12-21 Astoria Blvd
Astoria, NY




*"Ahh! Saturday night! Hallow's Eve is nigh! So many pagan festivals -- a ghoul could lose his way. There is the possibility of drowning to death in the sea of choices, but I am here to keep you on the proper path of darkness. Gather round the cauldron, children..."

*"Rock n Roll as we all know, is the devil's music and one of its undisputed masters is PETER CASE. Peter has signed a dark pact with The Secret Theatre to play just one New York City show on his current US tour -- and it will be here in Queens! This will be your only chance to catch the fiend behind The Nerves and The Plimsouls so don't be ghoulish and miss out! Also on the bill are local heroes LITTLE EMBERS!"


The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY
tix available at: http://www.secrettheatre.com/
doors open 6pm


*"Now you're ready to kick into high gear -- from outside THE LIC BAR you will hear the gypsy fiddles play. Vampires and werewolves crouch down beside the caravan waiting for the drink specials to kick in. A tent covering has been placed over the majestic courtyard of the bar to contain all the mischief and evil lurking within...that can only mean one thing -- BAD BUKA'S HAUNTED MASQUERADE BALL is about to begin! These gypsy rockers are one of the strongest bands on the scene and if you're not convinced of that after this show, you must be a total zombie..."

Cash prizes for best costumes and drink specials, plus more music courtesy of Astoria DJ Group. $10 cover


45-58 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101


*"Did ye know? The popular Long Island City watering hole DOMINIE'S HOEK was born on Halloween?! That's right -- honest to Lucifer -- they will be celebrating their 7th anniversary. Lucky for them -- unlucky for you if you miss this great evening that includes the sinister melodies of HEADFLOSS, QUEENS DENIM ROCKERS, & THE BLACK FIVES! Now is that evil enough for you?!"


Dominie's Hoek
48-17 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101


*"Don't be a Hallo-weiner and miss Astoria Music & Arts' 4th Annual ZOMBIE STOMP SOCIAL! THE BIG DEATH SCENE, DRUNKEN PUMPKIN, THE HEADLOCKS, and THUNDERBANG will transform into creatures of the night engulfed in an ocean of dry ice. Lift your goblets, show off your red masque of death and just get silly."

The Shillelagh Tavern
4722 30th Ave
Astoria, NY




*NIALL CONNOLLY knows a thing or two about Halloween and his SUNDAY SOCIAL at LIC BAR will prove that. Share your songs and ghostly tales as you gaze into the embers of your amber..."


45-58 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City



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Friday, 08 October 2010 17:00

LIC Jazz Alliance launches weekly JAZZ JAM!

A special announcement via the Long Island City Jazz Alliance official website:

Greetings, jazz fans and neighbors! We have TWO WEEKS to build up a jam session at the local watering hole known as LIC Bar, and if it goes well, we’ll be there every Tuesday. We’ll be playing music from 8 to 11 p.m., with $3 Miller Hi-Life Bottles to drink and a big box of FREE CDs to take home with you! Come and play so we can make this a weekly happening!

The first two weeks (October 12 and 19) will be hosted by guitarist Amanda Monaco and her trio. They’ll play a few tunes before opening up the bandstand to whoever comes out to play. It’s going to be a great time!

LIC Bar is located at 45-58 Vernon Blvd (corner of 46 Avenue), Long Island City NY. 7 to Vernon-Jackson, G to 21 St/Van Alst, or E/M to 23 St/Ely. 

Congrats to LICJA on their new endeavor, and to all of our readers: come out & SUPPORT LOCAL JAZZ IN LIC!

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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 15:24

Andy Statman at Live at the Gantries


There is nothing like watching a seasoned musician at his prime playing the music he loves. Such was the case at Live at the Gantries when we went to catch Andy Statman, one of this generation’s most acclaimed clarinet and mandolin players. We seem to be perpetually blessed with stellar weather and an even better crowd every time we head to see a live act at the Park and that night was no exception. Every New Yorker needs an excuse to celebrate on a hot Tuesday summer night and this is the perfect place to do it. Joyous, lyrical and vibrant, Andy’s music is equally transporting. As he began the first few tunes of his set, the words “Jewish Soul” came to mind – I heard the sensual strains of Greek and Mediterranean music, the rhythmic quarter notes of Middle Eastern tunes, and the mellifluous tones of classic jazz.


From their tune "Uman," a melody with a lively Israeli feel, to the ebullient "Anim Zemiros,” The Andy Statman trio are as diverse as the Queens music scene itself. In what has become a thriving Jazz community in Long Island City, Andy Statman is the jewel in its crown, combining the avant garde melodies of his beloved clarinet with down home bluegrass and the traditional Hasidic folk songs that were so much a part of his childhood. Born and raised in my adopted home of Jackson Heights, Andy is one of the most humble and most sought-after musicians on the NYC music scene. Clearly proud of his roots, Andy announced to loud cheers that he was born in Queens – little did some of the little kids running around realize that their parents had brought them to see a legend.


A Grammy-award nominated artist, Andy has played with such luminaries as Bela Fleck, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and Itzhak Perlman but watching him play for a hometown crowd was a rare joy. Accompanied by bassist Jim Whitney and percussionist Larry Eagle, who adds some wicked bongos to the mix, Andy’s music defies category. There’s an exotic, soulful Middle Eastern feel to his music that reminded me of some of Rachid Taha’s early tunes mixed with the vivid beats of 1920s Jewish dance tunes and traditional bluegrass. Like Bela Fleck, Andy seems to draw from every kind of American music tinged with world music, synthesizing all forms and making them his own. One of the innovators of a new form of “roots music,” he has now helped to transform the genre. Only a finely tuned ear and rare talent can envision how such diverse forms of music can co-exist in such a beautiful way. Luckily, one of those artists plays right in our own neighborhood.


Gina Sigillito is a writer and published author who promotes local bands and writes about music in the NYC area.


All photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.





ANDY STATMAN Live at the Gantries from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 05 August 2010 15:18

Mundo Clave at Live at the Gantries


I had never been to a show at the little gem on the water in Long Island City known as The Gantries, and I was excited to see it for the first time. I was racing to get to the venue in time for Mundo Clave, Queens' unique, soulful Latin jazz ensemble. With my Blackberry pressed to my ear, I was running down 50th Street in heels, talking to my friend Joe and rehashing the freak-out day we were both having. Once I reached the park perched on the edge of the East River it all changed. A little salsa, a little percussion and couples dancing with the beautiful New York City skyline in the background and the day managed to wash away.


"If you wanna get up and dance please don't be shy," bassist Fernando Benardos quipped as the band launched into their sexy, groove-laden, jazz-infused salsa tunes like "Sabor" and "Killer Joe." 


The crowd of more than one hundred was anything but shy. Despite the 90-degree heat, there was a businessman in a suit and tie doing a wicked merengue with his partner, young couples kicking back and grooving to the music, and even children dancing, ice cream in hand.


An eight-piece group of incredibly gifted Queens based musicians, Mundo Clave combines the best improvisation of classic jazz with the spice and passion of modern salsa and the heavy-bottomed bass of 70s funk. Their tunes infuse the infectious rhythms and percussion of early Santana and Tito Puente with the melodic style of Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.


The Mundo Clave experience reminded me of my childhood days when my parents took me to see some of the local St. Louis jazz musicians who combined a timeless swing sound with bluesy vibes. As the band moved effortlessly from Salsa to Jazz and bass-laden grooves, they showed an incredible versatility. With a lilting Vibraphone, played masterfully by Dan Sieber, lively maracas, and sensual sax, Mundo Clave adds spicy variety to their music.


With Daniel Arboleda on tenor sax/flute, a phenomenal player who channels a little Grover Washington Jr., Mundo Clave launched into a few Miles Davis tunes, their way, spiced with Latin flair and complete with Timbales, blistering bongos and mighty drums. The man sitting next to us was so into the music that he was tapping along in tune with a drumstick and cowbell. By the time the band played an inspired cover of a Cha-cha tune by Poncho Sanchez, much of the crowd was up and dancing.


Mundo Clave's old style jazz combined with their hypnotic and sexy Latin rhythm is sure to garner a whole generation of fans. In a time when the term "Jazz fusion" is used far too often, these musicians are the real deal, taking the form back to its original mellifluous sound and spicing it up with a sultry Afro-Cuban style all their own.


Gina Sigillito is a writer and published author who promotes local bands and writes about music in the NYC area.


All photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


MUNDO CLAVE Live at the Gantries by Renzo Ortega from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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Gordon Gano, Steve Wynn, Gary Lucas, Funkmaster Flex...playing in QUEENS?!?!


Recently a great discussion on our website was sparked when the question of whether a "music scene" really exists in Queens was asked.


Despite what some of the naysayers say and believe, like a plant that bursts and grows out of a piece of cement, there have been a lot of musicians, event producers, promoters and fans working hard to bring music to Queens bars, cafes and parks that were never intended to host and house live music. It's a beautiful and organic thing to observe.


Beautiful enough to attract artists that in the past might have scoffed at the thought of even getting off the train in Queens! "Name" artists too!


We were most surprised and pleased to have GARY LUCAS play the Bohemian Beer Hall this past week! Lucas is famous for his collaborations with Lou Reed, Jeff Buckley (Lucas co-wrote two of the songs, "Grace" and "Mojo Pin", from Jeff Buckley's popular and critically acclaimed album Grace), Captain Beefheart, Nick Cave, and many more!


The Secret Theatre is presenting an ALEX CHILTON TRIBUTE Saturday, July 31st (get tix HERE!). STEVE WYNN of THE DREAM SYNDICATE and JIM SCLAVUNOS of NICK CAVE'S BAD SEEDS, and KEITH STRENG of THE FLESHTONES are just the first names to be announced in a line up that Secret Theatre director Richard Mazda promises will be full of very cool surprise guests.


The band KRAUT are true New York punk pioneers. In fact their very first gig was opening for THE CLASH! And now they are headling THE ASTORIA MUSIC AND ARTS ASTORIA MUSIC NOW FESTIVAL Saturday, July 24th! (more info HERE!)


LIC Bar's big score for the summer is none other than GORDON GANO of The VIOLENT FEMMES! Gano will be performing there with THE RYAN BROTHERS (of THE BOGMEN) Sunday, August 15th at 6pm.


And this just in: a fantastic FREE hip hop show starring legendary rappers EPMD and DJ FUNKMASTER FLEX Thursday, July 15th at 7pm in LIC's Queensbridge Park! (more details HERE!)


It's very interesting that despite the lack of a 100% full time music venue in Queens the people in the scene are starting to see their hard work pay off when artists of this caliber start to venture this way, don't you think? And this is just the first wave...


We're excited to see who's coming along next...!

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The Lascivious Biddies play LIC Bar this Sunday


Summer marches on! Here's some cool events happening in the hood this weekend!




DOMAINE WINE BAR 9pm-midnight


LIC BAR 9pm-2am
New Wave Edition Featuring DJs BlaqJeff (Jeff Miller) and CHANGOCHAN (CJ Sanchez)




agnès b. presents:
Klement / Contre Coeur, France (live)
Acid Washed / Record Makers, France (live)
Veronica Vasicka / Minimal Wave, New York (DJ set)
Gatekeeper / Brooklyn (live)


LIC Bar 9pm-2am
DJ ANTHONY CHICO's PS1 afterparty




featuring live music by
Music starts at 6pm




LIC BAR 8-11pm

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Friday, 09 July 2010 14:47

Jia-Yi He at Live at the Gantries


Record high temperatures did little to deter locals from gathering to hear harmonica virtuoso Jia-Yi He on the sun-soaked steps of Gantry Park for last Tuesday's Live at the Gantries. Accompanied by his daughter Jenny He on piano, Mr. He delivered an eclectic set of hits from classical, jazz, and pop music as well as traditional Chinese folk songs. Mr. He showed off the fascinating range of sounds a harmonica can achieve in tunes ranging from the Beatles’ “Love Me Do” to a dizzying rendition of “Flight of the Bumblebees.”



Mr. He and his daughter were visibly enthusiastic about the music, bopping their heads along with the beat of a polka. The crowd was just as enthralled, and the father-daughter duo was buoyed along by the many tanned children dancing energetically throughout the performance.


Mr. He charmed the audience with his large arsenal of harmonicas, most notably the “world’s smallest harmonica.” He stuck this tiny instrument inside his mouth to produce a kazoo-like version of “Happy Birthday.” But the crowd was really wowed by the musician’s quirky talent for playing four harmonicas at once by gripping a stack of harmonicas like a Dagwood sandwich. This feat has already earned Mr. He an appearance on TV’s “America’s Got Talent.”





Mr. He continued his display of great showmanship with his next song, which he performed by cycling through 11 harmonicas, each in a different key. Mr. He ended the night with a rendition of the languid tune of “Rhapsody in Blue,” as the sun eased down behind the Manhattan skyline.



Come out on Tuesday, July 13 at 7:00 PM for D.B. Reilly live at the Gantries!


Alice Xie is an LIC resident who pays local taxes and enjoys patronizing events in the neighborhood.

Top photo by Alice Xie.

All other photos by Arianys Wilson, view more on Flickr.


Jia-Yi He live at the Gantries by Renzo Ortega, from Live at the Gantries on Vimeo.

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